RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 v3

RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 v3 | iSimRS Sim Racing

Test yourself on the best F1 MOD from RSS Race Sim Studio, links and details below.

iSimRS are offering you the chance to test your Sim Racing skills using the best F1 MOD from RSS RaceSimStudio, the races will run along side the F1 calendar where you can test your lap times against the best F1 drivers in the world.

Links to MOD below, and if a track is needed, we will post it on this page after the real race has completed.

The server will be running 24/7, offering 15 Qualifiers the opportunity to race in an 8 lap competition.

Everyone will need to join to be able to log in to our open server, and every player will need to download the car MOD below.

** We will be posting discount codes on our Facebook group **

So just to re-cap, we will be following the F1 calendar through the season and you will have the chance to drive the car as the professionals have it, and race the same track and same conditions, very exciting. You will need to buy the RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 car MOD for 3.99€ ( link above), the track will change each week after the real race has completed…


We have also secured “Virtual Race Car Engineer” as our exciting new sponsor, and there a great opportunity to win a great prize, which will help you improve your all round drive.

The award will be given to one of the lucky drivers finishing in the top 10, and a live randomly generated number will decide the winner!!!

Virtual Race Car Engineer offer 2 apps, VRCE and SDT.

SDT walks you through the steps of setup creation. Literally, starting with one setup subject (Springs for example) and working you through that component before moving you to another subject (Tires for example) then asking more questions.

SDT is good to get your own personalized baseline setup.

To get the max out of your setup is where VRCE comes in.

VRCE gives even more detailed advice but you get it for the car as a whole, all at once.

For example, when you respond with “The car is understeering” you may get an entire list of possible changes, of which you choose which to use.

VRCE is great for taking your baseline setup and tuning it to the very best setup for your specific needs.

We will allow the winner to choose VRCE or SDT and Android or PC, and I can send you codes for either to redeem on Steam or Google Play Store.

Good luck, and we look forward to awarding the first prize!