Madotter, YouTube F1 personality joins iSimRS crew!!!

iSimRS are delighted and excited to add another member to the team, F1 YouTuber madotter who covers anything F1 201x game and real life F1 with weekly “News from the cockpit” and “F1 Weekend Roundup”. Visit Iain’s channel here

This is what Iain had to say in a recent chat…

“Hi Lee, just to carry on from Arnold asking me to bring you up to date with me and what I’m doing alongside him – I am rebooting my channel (youtube) which I had huge success with before I took a hiatus. Now working with Arnold, I have something unique and special to bring to the F1 YouTuber world in the form of the F-Sim cockpit. I am using the iSimRS logos and even brand colours now to align everything nicely so potential customers and business can clearly understand what we’re all about. I helped Arnold with the new round logo, we had a very fun evening with ideas coming back and forth and the end result I think is great.

I love working in Photoshop and KeyShot so it was awesome for me to be involved here. The focus of my channel is now to premote iSimRS as a company and the products that come with that. Of course I am growing my channel for my own success but with Arnold along side me, we can all really get some good from this.

As for the future? In December I am joing iSimRS at Silverstone – me and my cockpit! – to show the public what it is, how it works and really help people get to know us. I want to continue to work as close with Arnold as possible as I feel we both have huge strengths in different areas which can only be great for both my madotter side and iSimRS together.

I want to open any doors to working with them with shows/marketing/promotion and I think they will for sure love the F-Sim and want to do some work there. This is all just small stuff but I and we have to start somewhere. I think we both work very hard and are driven by passion so honestly the sky is the limit.

I’m just very grateful to be able to start this rebuilding and growth with Arnold and iSimRS at my side.”