Sochi Russian GP – iSimRS Hot Lap Challenge

Let’s head to another race and another chance to win …. it’s the Sochi Russian GP!!!!

Make sure to record your best lap time on our server for a chance to win a great prize Sponsored by Virtual Race Car Engineer and the Setup Development Tool. The prize will be drawn from the first 10 positions on the Leaderboard, and the lucky winner will be notified and given the option of which tool fits their purposes best.

To view our Leaderboard visit and under Sim-Racing you will see ‘iSimRS Sim Racing’, then ‘RSS Formula Hybrid’ and inside ‘Hot Lap Challenge’ you will see the ‘Leaderboard’ option. You’ll need to register to see it:

Link to track:!5WZSyQZb!utYj2mTQi2uwIWjdycsHOOqi_pxXWK4GJdXAaAlvTWE

Link to car:
All iSimRS subscribers are given a 50% discount code for that mod which is – isimrs50

More Info: