When the cockpit arrives flat packed, inside the boxes will be all the nuts, bolts and screws you will need and we also provide the Allen key to help you put it together. Inside it will also contain the instructions to put it together, just like the very large Swedish company who are professionals with the flat packed furniture.

We have also created assembly videos, so you will have all the instructions and tools to put the cockpit together in quick time, and get Sim racing.

Yes black is our signature colour, it really does give it the look we are after, but after speaking to Arnold we can do it in other colours but as this will be a bespoke order we can only do them at the moment in orders of 10 or over. I understand this is a lot, but we do have some clients who order in those sizes, but everyone so far has stuck with the black.

Well ACR Zackspeed are partners with iSimRS, and our aim is to give Sim Racers the all round sim racing experience. ACR Zackspeed are very happy to promote our cockpit as they see it as a quality item, and one they are proud to use themselves. As we grow together there will be more selling points, but for now 1 site with 1 set of administration works best for everyone. If you have any worries, do not hesitate to call ACR Zackspeed or iSimRS and we can talk it through with you some more.

Yes that’s no trouble at all, but each cockpit will be treated as a single delivery item, so each cockpit will have the same delivery costs added if that makes sense.

Yes we do, we deliver to every country that we can deliver too. There are some countries that are off limits, but as long as we can get a safe delivery service too there, then we are happy to deliver to any country in the world.

The cockpit comes flat packed, it will be in 3 boxes and delivered to your door by what we hope is the best possible service we can find for the best possible price.

Good question, and basically the answer is we will let you know. All you have to do is pre-order the item through the website and enter your delivery details in the form provided in the shopping basket.

We will then look for the best possible price for you, get in contact soon after and send an invoice with total amount to be payable via PayPal or BACS.

The prime reason is so that we can find the best possible delivery price for you, and it was also an opportunity for us to speak to the customer, to give the best possible service, and to show there are people behind this cockpit who care and are actually interested in the people buying it. We are all sim racers ourselves, its a tight community and we love being a part of it, and now as we have partnered up with ACR Zackspeed.

No, the cockpit is £599 and that is a very good price for this ultra quality item, but there is an important message when it comes to the postage that needs to be mentioned before we add it on.

As its a high value item the delivery needs to be selected carefully, and we have noticed that delivery costs between competing companies can go down as well as up, so what we do is ask you to pre-order the item via the website, no money will be taking and you fill in your delivery details. We then find the best possible price for you, get back to you very quickly and send an invoice either via PayPal or pass onto you our bank account details, which ever is easiest for you.

The cockpit is made from 18mm Melamine faced MDF finished in Black, this is very hard wearing material. The same material used in gaming machines you find in pubs etc.

The 3 inch “Reflex” foam seat panels are covered with very high quality black ECO Leather, which will painlessly get you through long races.

The iSimRS cockpits footprint is 2000mm x 720mm x 890mm (L x W x H)

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