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Wwe looked at the range of driving seats available for the home user. The lower priced ones were just glorified bucket seats while the very expensive ones that were all out F1 cockpits go for many thousands of pounds/euros, putting them out of reach for most of us.

Sim racing cockpit close up, in Tee-It-Up Cardiff

Worse still was the problem of getting one of these full one piece cockpits through your front door and up to your private space.

Arnold thought this through and came to the conclusion that flat pack was the answer. You could receive delivery, unpack the parts and take up stairs only what you can manage at a time. This is how most kitchen and wardrobe companies have overcome this and it works.

What’s more these constructions can be made to be very tough and durable.

Overhead view of iSimRS racing sim cockpit

Our flat pack F1 simulator cockpit is thoughtfully designed to meet all these criteria and give you the full F1 driving position, up until now only available to the very well off.

Further into this website we will show you step by step how to put your cockpit together with short videos of each stage which you can go back over as many times as you wish.

Side shot of online racing cockpit in Tee-It-Up Cardiff Bay

We also have a hot line manned by REAL people to help you, if you become stuck.

What do I get?

The best news is that MDF is not an expensive material to work with so the cost of your cockpit will be very much lower than any of the other true F1 racing cockpits

These MDF cockpits are made from top quality Black Scuff Resistant Melamine faced MDF. They are then routed by precision CNC machines to very accurate dimensions.

All fittings are specifically made to work with MDF. The seat backing is made from fire resistant foam and professionally covered with durable leatherette material used for making car interiors. The overall design in copy right protected world wide and licensed to iSimRS Ltd exclusively.